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“Compelling and Engrossing…
a film of ideas, a film of history.”
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“Thoughtful and Invaluable. A Significant Cinematic Achievement “- Hollywood Reporter

“A great documentary.
Excellent, Incisive and Engrossing.”
At once compassionate and rueful, “Colliding Dreams” is recommended viewing for open minds, and essential viewing for those that remain snapped shut.”
Ella Taylor, Variety

“COLLIDING DREAMS is as good a feature-length history of Zionism as we’re likely to get: judicious, sophisticated, attentive to a range of viewpoints…”
Stuart Klawans, The Nation

“A Definitive Work. Insightful and Objective.
It cuts to the heart of the conflict.”
Elias Savada, Film International

“A wonderfully refreshing and thoughtful film.”
also: “A thoughtful film committed to depicting the violence suffered by Palestinians and Israelis, the power differentials between them, and how that has changed.”
Diana Clarke, The Village Voice

“The play of history, Zionism, culture, religion, land and ownership is expressed better in this film that I have elsewhere seen, and if this sounds like I am calling the movie “fair and balanced,” then so be it. Yet it is more than that. Whatever our “feelings” regarding Israel and Palestine, Colliding Dreams forces us to confront ideas that run counter to our own and then deal with them.”
James van Maanen, TrustMovies

“Enormously interesting, thoughtfully well-made and valuable.
I was involved in it every step of the way.”
David Sterritt, Films In Focus

“Faultless in explaining why Zionism, and why it created a trap from which no exit now appears visible. It is a movie for everyone.”

— Nathan Glazer, Co- Author Beyond the Melting Pot

“Admirably balanced and comprehensive. A thoughtful and invaluable cinematic document that will prove particularly enlightening. Stands as a significant cinematic achievement.”

-– Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“The story they all tell is, of course, a compelling one, and with its dominant focus on the intellectual conflicts within the Zionist movement, the film has a tone of slightly cool detachment that is both effective and appropriate.”

— George Robinson, Jewish Week

“This film is magnificent- beautifully crafted; balanced (at least from my perch), incredibly informative.”

— John Ruskay, Executive VP Emeritus, UJA Federation of New York

“It’s really fabulous…Our high school and college student desperately need the opportunity to see Israel’s story not as propaganda but as a complex and nuanced story. This film is a “door-opener. I would like to use the film as the centerpiece of a completely revised Middle East studies course.”

— Peter Geffen, Founder, Kivunim & Abraham Joshua Heschel School

“Thank you for this dedicated, most complicated, grace-filled film. It really made a difference in my life. What essential, valuable intellects for us to know–what great intelligences you brought to us. I have more of a sense of Israel than I have had in my 57 years–and much more a sense of authentic connection because of that.

— Jess Greenbaum

“Honest, searching, affectionate, respectful, critical. A rare and tremendous educational vehicle. At the same time this is not propaganda. The film thoughtfully presents Palestinian perspectives, whose own national story has been thwarted by Israel’s success.”
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmonofsky, Congregation Ansche Chesed

“I watched the film with deep interest, admiration, and emotion. It is a tour de force. The participation of so many remarkable personalities—Halkin, Halbertal, Margalit, Yehoshua—is a particular strength. The editing is brilliant, the images powerful, the message unmistakable…Myrna and I are prouder than ever to be supporters of this film.”
— Uri D. Herscher, President and CEO, Skirball Cultural Center



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